Lesson Specifics

• Lessons are $50.00 for one hour lesson.
• If a lesson needs to be rescheduled, please whenever possible, give a me a minimum of a 24 hour notice. NOTE: When we choose a lesson time, that is your specific time, so protect that hour and come prepared!

ALL LESSONS are to be paid for at the time of the lesson or at the beginning of the month.

An oboe that is in good working condition and that has all the necessary keywork to play the repertoire for the oboe. (side F, low Bb key, F resonance
• A working reed (Note: reeds can be purchased from me or I will give you names of places to get good quality, hand made reeds.) I ALWAYS adjust reeds during lessons as part of your lesson time.)
* Once we have had an introductory lesson, I will give you a list of necessary study materials. Bring all material to your lesson.
• Once we are set for lessons, I will also assess the viability of reed-making dependent upon the students, age, desire for learning, level of proficiency etc.. At that time we will discuss the necessary equipment needed to get started with reed-making.